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Google Reviews

The highest compliment I could give is that my mom would have been so pleased! Michael Mason did an incredible job. He took care of every detail and kept us all fully informed of every step of the process. He seemed to be available for us 24/7 and always with a reassuring smile. There aren't enough stars on this review to indicate exactly how much I recommend Michael and Glenville Funeral Home.

- Maureen R.

Glenville Funeral Home was absolutely amazing. Everyone was so kind, gentle and caring during a very sad time in our lives. They truly listened to the little details we wanted to help express our love to our mom. Nothing was too big or small. We had the pleasure of working with Brittany and she guided us in every step. Never rushing us even though there were time constraints. We bombarded her with texts and hundreds of picture for a memorial video. She never said it was too many. She literally treated us as her family.

          - Catherine P.

They are wonderful to work with. Family focused, kind, compassionate and priced well. Couldn't recommend them more if you and your family are in need. Thank you for all your help and support!

- Mary C.

I feel a little strange writing a review of a funeral home, but...I need to.
Excellent parking, great exterior lighting, great stairs, doorman, lovely bathrooms, a PLAYROOM! with clean late model toys in good condition....complete WIN! Great staff, bright, open space. We were there for a wake, so I can't comment on the business end of things, but the guest service was impeccable and I've been to many many funeral homes from NYC to greater Albany area, and this was seriously our favourite...if that's not weird to say.

- Katie G.

With a gorgeous interior and exterior, Glenville Funeral Home does not disappoint. From the noteworthy lighting, pretty stairs, lovely bathroom, doorman, and open space, I would highly recommend this location. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and makes the grieving situation much easier to handle.

- Jennifer K.

We could not have been more pleased with the Glenville Funeral Home. From start to finish they were gracious, understanding, sympathetic and followed through on everything they said they would. A family owned business, and they made US feel like family! It was a pleasure dealing with these professional and positive people. If you are looking for a good experience, you can trust they will do the job with dignity and excellent service.

- Regina M.

The service, preparations, ceremony and closing were all outstanding and seamless. Mike Mason and team did a phenomenal job in assisting the family with the details while we were dealing with our loss, Thank You!

- Peter W.

Facebook Reviews

The funeral home was absolutely beautiful! Multiple fountains outside, large parking lot, and the staff was exceptional and helpful! Anything we needed they provided. They even helped us load our cars and carry stuff out! Their display of mom was phenomenal! Thank you for your compassion and kindness!

- Diana D.

My family and I went through Glenville funeral home when my grandfather passed 6 years ago and when my Grandmother unexpectedly passed this past Tuesday. They are so professional and kind hearted. This weekend we dealt with Michael. You can tell that this is the line of work he was meant to be doing. His compassion and professionalism made us extremely comfortable and allowed us to grieve they way we needed to. I can't thank this company and Michael enough.

- Tonia Z.

Excellent service especially with the amount of people, bikes and vehicles!

- Tammie W.O.

Special Thanks to Glenville Funeral Home for helping my family in our time of need. Michael Mason was so kind, understanding, and professional. His sensitivity to our family's needs was very comforting.
Thank you, Michael DeMarco , Donna DeMarco & Taylor Demarco

- Nikki D.

Beautiful service, accommodating to the family and attendees in any way possible.

- Holly P.

Glenville is such a beautiful facility, the gardens are especially nice! The DeMarco family are very caring and dedicated individuals. I would highly recommend this business to any family.

- Macie F.

The greatest most professional loving people you'll ever meet! Thank you!!

- Barbara M.

Amazing family and business all around!!

- Georgina F.

Yellow Pages Reviews

Funerals are a hard part of life. If there was anyone I would want with my family and I it would be the owner and staff of Glenville Funeral Home. They were wonderful. This is where you need to go if you want a local funeral home focused on your family.

I highly recommend working with Glenville Funeral Home when the need arises. They are family focused, caring, professional and worth every dime. The owner is always there to help and the staff is amazing.

Michael and his staff have been excellent in dealing with me and my family over the years. They have a beautiful facility and i would recommend them to my friends in their time of need.

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