Caring before & after services

At Glenville Funeral Home, we are already paving the way in funeral aftercare.
​ Now, we are reinventing how we plan and prepare with families before our funeral services are needed.

As more Americans become responsible ahead of the unknown, we want to create a new experience for pre-planners, and help guide them towards reliable sources in our trusted community. 

Scientific evidence proves that more Americans are at a higher risk to develop diabetes and/or heart disease. Factors leading us to an earlier death include our eating habits and stressful lifestyles. The American Dream is beautiful, but the journey there may be straining on our mind, body and soul. Finding help for a healthier and happier you is not as simple as a "google search". The giant world wide web can be daunting, full of deceptive sources and low grade products. In today's news, you hear stories of senior citizens being taken advantage of through phishing scams that pry on the vulnerable. 

In response, we have created the Glenville Funeral Home LONGEVITY EXPERIENCE, to provide essential information, resources, services and products for our community through local, trusted sources. As we team up with local businesses, we will emphasize the importance of community over big box business. 

We care about the health and well-being of the members of our community
and continue to work with other small businesses in the area to ensure the highest quality service is provided. Together we can remind everyone that the golden years are in fact the best years of our lives, and that our community is filled with endless options
to support our mission. 

Healthy Food Options, Creative Classes (Painting, Crafting..), Expressive Hobbies (Dancing, Cooking, Gardening..), Exercise and Fitness, Wine & Gourmet Experiences, CBD and Natural Alternatives, Pet Services, Home & Essential Oils, Bucket List Necessities, Spa Services and Self-care Products....

THE LONGEVITY PROGRAM is free to Glenville Funeral Home members, and participating businesses are trusted and approved. The longevity program businesses include an incentive for Glenville Funeral Home members that range from discounts, promotions and free trials. 
Our growing list of participating businesses include:




DANCE FIRE studio & fitness


If your business would like to participate, please contact Brittany at