Giving Back to Our Community

By: Brittany DeMarco
Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The leaves are changing; the crisp, chilly air is moving in, which can mean only one thing: fall is finally here! The DeMarco family loves autumn in Upstate, New York. Maybe it’s because the mums are easier to maintain, rather than the hundreds of flowers we plant in the summer months, or maybe it’s…. With our gratitude for our community, we are excited to announce that we will be donating to a local organization! 


Every year, the Glenville Funeral Home proudly works with Matthew’s Children Foundation, previously known as the York foundation, in representing an organization that focuses on improving the community. The Matthew Children’s Foundation provides grants to non-profits whose sole purpose is to support children. We are honored to announce that, after taking many organizations into consideration, we have decided to choose an incredible organization located right in our area: the Glenville YMCA. 


The grant money will be used towards the Glenville YMCA’s Annual Campaign, which is very important to our community and its youth. The campaign’s mission is to enrich the lives of local children who require financial support to ensure that they are not denied the opportunity to share the YMCA experience due to an inability to pay. Our community can count on the Glenville YMCA for guidance, support, and being a safe zone. For more information on the annual campaign, please contact Donna Gigone.


As members of the Scotia-Glenville community, our family is familiar with the YMCA and all the good it does. As children, my sister, Taylor and I attended swimming classes, after school programs, and teen recreation nights. We grew up with the YMCA, which is why helping our local branch after all it’s done for us is something we, along with the Matthew’s Children Foundation are excited to announce. Our valued relationship with Matthew’s Children Foundation allows us future opportunities to nominate organizations for grants. Please contact me, Brittany DeMarco, with information on a non-profit children focused organization you believe should be honored.




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