Having the Last Word

By: Brittany DeMarco-Furman
Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Have you ever had a discussion where you HAD to make the final remark? Or there was one more thing you wished you told someone? I’m sure we all had arguments or debates where we wanted to have the last word. We are all guilty of a Facebook debate here and there.

Our voice and perspective are important throughout our lives, but what happens when that voice and perspective is no longer around. Who will have the last word for us?

Having the honor to read the eulogy, or express words of what someone meant to you during a funeral is the truest literature of the heart, often leaving the audience with words of wisdom and inspiration to go out into the world and be more of something. However, grief settles in different ways. Many families don’t have the strength or mindset to be able to recollect memories and organize thoughts of what they want or what needs to be said about their loved one. Leaving things unsaid…

But, what if there was a way for the deceased to have the last word at their own funeral? What would you say if you knew it was the last thing you’d ever say?

At Glenville Funeral Home we are changing the way you say goodbye to loved ones who will become your legacy. When you meet with our licensed funeral directors for pre-planning you have the option to create a powerful and memorable video message speaking to the future. You are the keeper of your memories and will be able to pass your last words on to the audience watching the video. This video service is complimentary to our families, just as meeting with us to pre-arrange a funeral is always free of cost. 

Our professional team will schedule a time to record the video of you answering previewed questions or talking from the heart. The produced video will be saved and later be shown at your funeral or celebration of life service. If you prefer to keep the video private, we will only share video with who you appoint. Some people don’t think their words are important enough to withstand time as the voices in history books, but to the people who love and will inevitably lose you one day your words are all that matter. Seeing and hearing you one last time will make all the difference to them.

We understand being videotaped or writing your own eulogy may not be something you want to do. Therefore, we have created another “Last Word” pre-planning option. We will provide you a set of questions to answer or develop on, in return a writer from Glenville Funeral Home or volunteer from your family will create a customized letter on behalf of you, the person to be remembered. To learn more about our creative “Last Word” pre-planning option contact us at your convenience. We are here to make saying goodbye be on your terms.


Written by Glenville Funeral Home Licensed Director Brittany DeMarco-Furman

Photography by Rod Long


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