Glenville Funeral Home 3.0

By: Brittany DeMarco
Thursday, December 3, 2015

Yes, that’s right! Even our sort of business needs to keep up with this ever-evolving machine called the Internet. But more specifically, we need to keep up with you, the Internet user. 

Everyone expects answers within the first page of a Google Search. If you don’t find answers there then those websites are dead to you (who doesn’t love a good pun!). Being a funeral home, having to rank on Google sounds absurd! But when you think about it, everyone is online looking for credible answers; especially when it comes to a sensitive subject like funeral planning. 

The Glenville Funeral Home has had a web presence for years. As you can see, it wasn’t the prettiest of things, but we managed.

Our previous website supplied the funeral home’s contact information, facility photos and basic facts on funeral arrangements. However, our website looked and sounded just like every other funeral home website— not to mention, the doves were obnoxious!



At Glenville Funeral Home, we pride ourselves on our superior service, as well as creating bonds with every family we help, having a web presence that painted us as generic was a huge problem! We decided it was time to make our digital representation reflect the real us—good-bye stock photography and industry jargon!

In late summer of this year [2015], we began working with a webmaster team from Canada—Funeral Tech— to create a customized website that fit our brand and values. Of course, we retained funeral web features of industry standards; integrating with Legacy to populate obituaries, for instance. But we made sure we were in charge of the designs and layout. It was important for our team to cultivate a website that not only disclosed industry standard knowledge, but also our own knowledge, sprinkled in with personality—call it the Glenville Funeral Home voice. 

No longer is the community funeral director, your neighbor. Like many family-owned businesses, more and more are being taken over by corporate America or bought out. However, we want to make sure everyone who visits our new site knows that their questions are valued by us. The idea of planning a funeral is a delicate matter to many, however, the Glenville Funeral Home’s website is here to open the conversation, whether online or in-person. We are here for you. 

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