Where do I plant my roots?

By: Brittany DeMarco
Thursday, November 3, 2016

In 1986—before my time—my Father, Michael DeMarco, and his Father cleared a few acres of “farmland” on 9 Glenridge Road, the Glenville Funeral Home today. Back then, the Glenville area consisted of only a few plazas and my beloved, nostalgic K-Mart. As a 25 year old Glenville native, I can say first hand that I never thought Glenville would have side walks, a sushi lounge, let alone a Zip Line Park! I’m very proud to say I’m from Glenville, it’s a town that has prevailed through progress and sophistication. Unfortunately, many towns have not passed the test of time and dwindled into the pastime; not my Glenville though.
I’ve created beautiful memories throughout my life in Glenville, shaped by town events, the food, the education, but more so by the community itself. And, I’m not only praising home sweet home because I was raised in the peachy 90s; every generation, every individual has their own story to share. 
Today, I’m an adult finally moved out of Mom and Dads, and have to start asking myself the big question: Where do I plant my roots? If you asked me the same question 8 years ago, I probably would have said New York City or Laguna Beach. Instead of following my hormones, I kept it “by the books”, with college first and dreams on the back burner. 
It wasn’t until 14 months ago when I came home to Glenville to really “find myself”. I guess you can say I matured at a leisurely rate, however, those years are what lead me to today. I became apart of my family business, The Glenville Funeral Home. However, instead of just being the funeral director’s daughter, I now was an employee. Never did I truly understand the business before then. The lost and love that comes through our doors, now remains with me. The lessons I’ve learned from our families have made me realize the sensitivity of time, the beauty of life and more importantly the impact of others. With this new perspective, I can strongly say that creating a positive change in my community is the path I want and yearn to follow.
Wherever I decide to build a family…not saying that’s on the agenda right now, it could never be too far from my precious Glenville- my place of work and my original home. As the tale as old saying goes, “you can always come back home”; isn’t that right, Mom and Dad? 

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