Closure: Directions not included

By: Brittany DeMarco
Sunday, January 1, 2017


Everyone grieves. You never know when grief will arrive, but when it surfaces it’s accompanied  by countless waves of emotions, filling each mind and it’s body differently. As grief sets in, there is no way to tell how or when that grief will be overcome or perhaps when you can only control it. Many people neglect to think about this process of life; however, ironically, death is what causes more feelings of denial and regret than anything else. 


The funeral itself and it’s history, dating back to early human civilization, became a tradition to fulfill a human need, the need of closure. The way we find closure, like most of human activity, has changed immensely over the years. Our great, great grandparents would find closure for a death by wearing the color black for months after a week long public engagement of mourning and gathering—sounds exhausting! Although with the passing of time, communities have multiplied, religions refined, traditions transformed, diversity increased, technology advanced, and people ultimately changed. 


Today, the funeral is not what it used to be like. But, who said anything about having to do things in a specific way, anyway? It is 2016, and a funeral should and can be anything that helps you begin to heal. Unfortunately, funeral directors do not have a magic wand for this. Instead, we talk with our families, hear their stories, read or listen to the wishes of the deceased, learn about the life and bonds created, enjoy a few laughs, and hold back the tears, all which leads us to offer tribute ideas and professional options to fulfill closure .


If you say he or she loved the beach, we will bring the sand. When we hear names of Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley, you better believe a CD of “The Voice” and “The King” will be ready on hand. If Christmas 1991 was the happiest time of your loved one’s life, then we will recreate Christmas 1991—even in July.


Whether a friend, a foe, a lover, a sibling, a parent, a partner, a mentor or an idol, they are the people who have touched our lives and who left us memories. At Glenville Funeral Home we honor and remember their life’s journey; the relationship you shared; and the legacy they leave behind…you. We all grieve differently, whether our movement towards healing are tiny steps or giant leaps, we all begin with closure.

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